Fleet Replacement

The Benefits of a Private Fleet Without The Headaches

Manufacturing and distribution executives are finding it increasingly challenging to manage their their private fleets. Companies are constantly searching for ways to lower risk while increasing profit utilizing the same or even fewer resources. And the 2010 introduction of the CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) by the FMCSA, along with additional federal and state regulations is making the private fleet a difficult and risky business.

Elite Transportation LLC’ Fleet360 Program eliminates the risk of owning and managing an internal fleet while retaining the benefits of dedicated trucks and drivers. And you eliminate burdens of maintaining a regulatory-heavy department that is not your main business.

With Fleet360, we purchase or retain the leases of your truck assets, and manage all ongoing maintenance and asset replacement. Drivers become employees of Elite Transportation LLC and receive ongoing training as well as opportunities to advance.

Elite Transportation LLC then dedicates the fleet back to you according to your needs, with the guaranteed service levels you expect. You get the benefits of an in-house fleet without the headaches of managing one.

Elite Fleet360 Benefits

  • Eliminate burden maintaining capital intensive department with increasing regulation
  • Provide comprehensive and ongoing driver training and safety management
  • Guarantee adherence to state and federal regulations
  • Reduce cost, increase productivity and scale your business more effectively

Let us show you few case studies on how regional manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies are lowering cost and increasing productivity through Elite’s Fleet360 program.