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About Elite


Elite Transportation Services offers an extensive network that gives us flexibility and efficiency when crafting a custom solution for our clients.  Our network allows us to use both dedicated and shared solutions to exceed client expectations and productivity.  Our fleet currently comprises of over 150 units of tractors, trailers, straight trucks to vans across the mid-west from Denver to Saint Louis to Oklahoma to Texas and southern Nebraska providing overnight service (0800 machine down and stock deliveries) to these areas.  We provide warehousing, pool-point distribution, line haul dedicated routes along with final miles deliveries.  Our client base includes a variety of services from agriculture, automotive, field technicians and transportation solutions.  Caterpillar, GM, Ford, Carquest/Advanced Auto, Toyota, John Deere are just a few of the major companies we work with to provide over-night services to.  In summary, we revitalize your parts distribution network by moving your product into the field faster and more cost efficiently.  We actually strengthen your reputation for quality service within your industry.